La Blog-gah – In the Beginning….

Posted by Lia on January 18, 2012

….There was a party….

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would dedicate this ‘blog-gah’ to explain how Matteo, Domenico and I met. From my memory, it all started at a party.

Matteo and I were both invite to a party of a mutual friend of ours. We chatted that evening, exchanged contact info, and said, ‘keep in contact.’

We kept in touch, meeting up every now and then (usually over coffee or a meal) updating each other on what projects we were working on, talked about Italy, talked about Canada, just what’s new in general.

A few years later of keeping in touch, I was walking home from yet another commercial audition, frustrated with the current moment of my ‘career’, and in that instance thought up an idea. I immediately called Matteo full of excitement and pitched him the concept, and asked if he would work with me on developing the project. Always generous and up for a challenge, Matteo came on board.

Now how did Domenico get involved? Domenico came to Canada a summer before to visit Matteo and visit ‘America’. We had dinner a couple of times, I thought he was hilarious, so when it came time to find a co-host, I asked Matteo if Domenico would be interested in returning to Canada for another summer and volunteer some time to the project. Luckily, Domenico jumped in, and the rest is recorded on film!

4 Responses to La Blog-gah – In the Beginning….

  1. Glenn Kukkee

    I LOVED Episode 2!

    I vote Domenico for Luongo’s replacement when he tires of saving pucks for the Canucks!!
    GOOOOO TEAM!!! Viva VIVA!!


  2. Lia

    Thanks Glenn! Episode 2 is now in the running for submission for the Leo Awards then! And yes, Domenico is the perfect replacement for Luongo! Viva Italian Adventures!

  3. jliander

    Is the Italian festival this week?

    • Lia

      Yes, the Italian festival will start in Vancouver on Sunday, June 10th. It will be at Commercial Drive area from 12pm-8pm. Then on Sunday, June 24th, there will be another festival at the Italian Cultural Centre. June is Italian heritage month in Vancouver, so there are lots of activities happening right now. More details can be found on the Italian Cultural Centre website at

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