The ‘Finale’ of Vancouver’s Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Posted by Lia on September 18, 2014

After 34 years of constant activity, the Istituto Italiano di Cultura will be closing its doors at the end of September.

The closing of Italian Cultural Institutes is not an uncommon practice these days. Due to budget cuts in Italy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to close several other institutes around the world, such as the istituto in Thessaloniki, Greece.

So what is the Istituto Italiano di Cultura? The Istituto is a not-for-profit organization subsidized by the Italian government to promote the Italian culture abroad. Vancouver has had the fortune to participate in many seasons of rich, cultural programming produced by the Istituto, from presentations on Ancient Roman History, to musical performances, to supporting the Italian film submissions at VIFF.

The Istituto may be physically closing its doors in the coming weeks, but an element of the organization will continue to exist: with this change, the government has mandated that the employees of the Istituto be transferred to the Consulate General of Italy office. The objectives and future activities are still unclear, but at least we don’t have to say arrivederci to our friends at the Istituto, but perhaps only ci vediamo.

The Istituto has a robust calendar of events for their grande finale, which are listed on their website. Grazie Istituto, per tutto!

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