European Festival 2012 in Burnaby

Hi Everyone,

If you’re looking for a fun, cultural, outdoor event to visit, the European Festival in Burnaby is always a treat. This year the event will take place on Saturday, May 26 at Swangard Stadium from 10am – 11pm. The food is amazing, and its just really nice to see many of the European countries get together and display their traditions for the crowds. More info the event can be found on the Burnaby Tourism website

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La Blog-gah – The Leo Awards

Ciao Ragazzi!

We’re working on submitting Italian Adventures for the 2012 Leo Awards. The Leo Awards is British Columbia’s version of the Oscar’s ceremony. We’re super excited to share our work with the local film and television community. The category we’re aiming for: Best Web Series!

The deadline is coming up in a couple of weeks….nomination announcements will be in April, so stay tuned, and ciao-ciao!

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La Blog-gah – In the Beginning….

….There was a party….

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would dedicate this ‘blog-gah’ to explain how Matteo, Domenico and I met. From my memory, it all started at a party.

Matteo and I were both invite to a party of a mutual friend of ours. We chatted that evening, exchanged contact info, and said, ‘keep in contact.’

We kept in touch, meeting up every now and then (usually over coffee or a meal) updating each other on what projects we were working on, talked about Italy, talked about Canada, just what’s new in general.

A few years later of keeping in touch, I was walking home from yet another commercial audition, frustrated with the current moment of my ‘career’, and in that instance thought up an idea. I immediately called Matteo full of excitement and pitched him the concept, and asked if he would work with me on developing the project. Always generous and up for a challenge, Matteo came on board.

Now how did Domenico get involved? Domenico came to Canada a summer before to visit Matteo and visit ‘America’. We had dinner a couple of times, I thought he was hilarious, so when it came time to find a co-host, I asked Matteo if Domenico would be interested in returning to Canada for another summer and volunteer some time to the project. Luckily, Domenico jumped in, and the rest is recorded on film!

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La Blog-gah – the inspiration behind the crazy adventures

With the New Year moving at full speed ahead, here at Italian Adventures, we’re trying to keep up with all of the excitement! Staying focused can be difficult at times, which brings me to the topic of this week’s blog-gah: the inspiration behind Italian Adventures.

Why Italian Adventures? Why not….cycling adventures? Or mathematical adventures?

Okay, slightly random…..

But the inspiration behind this project is (drum roll): my grandmother. My nonna (i.e. grandmother) is probably one of the coolest people I know. She is courageous, passionate, and approaches life with endless amounts of energy.

And yes, my nonna is Italian, from Tuscany to be exact. She moved from Italy to Canada during the 1950′s, and through language, food, and various family traditions, has been able to share such a rich culture with us.

I am grateful for my nonna’s generosity, and thrilled to be continuing this journey with Domenico and Matteo, and of course, with you!

Until the next blog-gah…ciao-ciao!

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La Blog-gah – Are there subtitles?

Ciao Ragazzi!

Does everyone have New Year’s Eve plans to ring in the 2012 year? Here at Italian Adventures we’re getting ready to meet the ‘Befana’, the old lady who visits the little girls and boys in the New Year (yes, the concept is similar to Santa Claus), and while they are sleeping, leaves them some candy or a piece of coal in their sock.

So Domenico and I are super excited; also, we’ve been letting people know about our project, and we have had a lot of people ask us the same question: is our show spoken in Italian? And the answer: 98% of the show is spoken in English, but…..we have filmed a few websiodes in Italian in the past, so maybe it’s time to air one of them? Let us know if you’d be curious to watch these Italian spoken webisodes!

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‘La Blog-gah’

Ciao Everyone!
We are super excited about the 2012 year! It has been a while since Matteo, Domenico, and myself have been able to coordinate schedules/lives to unravel more Italian stories in our neighbourhood.
Season 1, the focus was on the city of Vancouver. It was all about logistics for us: we were starting out and staying close to home (Mamma!) was the easiest route to go. With Season 2, we’re planning to expand our travels and visit different parts of the province of beautiful British Columbia: wine country, desert land (and desserts!), food, events, and more food!
And this time, we would like you to be involved: if you have a crazy uncle in Trail who should have his own TV series, well, maybe we’ll be in the area and we can interview him! We’ll keep you posted every step of the way but it’s you’re input, your ‘consiglio’, that will make this season better than the first!
Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! Buon Natale, Feliz Navidad, and Ciao ciao!

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Supporting Your Community

Italian Adventures is thrilled to be sponsoring Amici Vancouver’s inaugural event on July 8th.

Amici Vancouver is a new youth network in Vancouver, bringing people together who have a passion for the Italian culture. We are sponsoring a guided historical walk in the Strathcona area, Vancouver’s original Little Italy.

There are a few spots left, so if anyone is interested, please visit the Amici Vancouver Facebook page to sign up!

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The Italian Adventures Trailer is up and running! Hooray!

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