Season 1

Webisode 9:A Question of Loyalty at the Italian Cultural Centre

Webisode 8:St. Valentine’s Day at The Bibo!

Webisode 7:The ‘Bafana’ visits Vancouver!

Webisode 6: Part 2 of ‘Italian Week on the Drive’.

Webisode 5: Lia and Domenico spend a day on ‘The Drive’ during ‘Italian Week on the Drive’. When in Rome…

Webisode 4: Lia heads off to learn about her Italian roots with ‘Amici Vancouver’, an Italian youth network as they tour around the original Little Italy guided by the one and only, the ‘magnifico’ historian, James Johnstone.

Webisode 3: Part II of Lia and Domenico’s “cultural exchange”

Webisode 2: Lia and Domenico prepare for a cultural exchange, of sorts…….

Webisode 1: Lia and Domenico visit the fabulous Brioche in Gastown and chatted with the amazing owner/chef, Eduardo Bilardello.

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